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Armond Rizzo vs Ethan Slade (MBW, 2017)

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Paul Kratka in Friday the 13th Part III (1982)

Hunky Paul plays Rick, the boyfriend of final girl Chris.

Towards the end of the movie, Rick and Chris walk back to camp and find a burning smell coming from the house. There's no sign of life in the house, even though there's six other people staying there.

The power is cut off so Rick looks around outside to see what's going on. Rick hears a noise in the background but we don't see anything.

 Chris opens the door and calls out to Rick but Rick is gagged and restrained by Jason.

When Chris goes back in the house, Jason uses his super strength to pick up Rick by the head.

Jason crushes Rick's head until he dies.

Later on, Chris is scared and alone. She cries out "Rick, help me!" Right on cue, Jason throws Rick through a window.

Chris frantically tries to revive Rick, but he's gone.

Check out the clips below.

Sleepered #6

Match of the Day 6: Tyler Bate vs WALTER (WWE, 2019)

It's a classic David vs Goliath battle as the big strong boy, Tyler Bate faces the much larger WALTER for NXT UK Championship.

The full match is close to 45 minutes, I pick up at the 40 minute mark. Tyler has taken a beating for most of the match but he refuses to give up. WALTER wears down Tyler with a sleeperhold.

Tyler manages to escape to the apron but WALTER grabs him and delivers clubbing forearms to to the chest.

WALTER locks in another sleeper on the apron but then turns it into a suplex, seemingly dropping Tyler on his head.

The announcers think Tyler is finished when WALTER rolls him into the ring and squashes him with a splash from the top rope.

Tyler manages to kick out of that and a couple other power moves, frustrating WALTER.

Does Tyler have the will to pull off an upset?

See the clip below.

Jett Bentley vs Chase Lundquist (88W, 2019)

Jett and Chase renew their rivalry in a singles match from 88 Wrestling.

Chase dominates the early minutes, stretching Jett's back. Chase was a bit too merciful for my liking, letting Jett recover when he could have pressed his advantage.

Jett reciprocates Chase's back torture. Jett shows a bit more intensity than Chase.

Chase redeems himself with a very nice ab stretch.

By the looks of it, this was shot in the early days of 88W, when it was still finding its direction. It's a decent match, but I have the feeling these two could have a better match, with better camerawork, today.

Screencap Recap #47

My song of the week is Every Breaking Wave performed live by U2 in 2014. I saw U2 in my home city on November 19th.

They put on a great show but I was most impressed by this song, which highlighted Bono's vocal range.