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Daniel Jensen & Grayson Lange in Necro-Mancing Dennis (2018)

Daniel Jensen stars in his first feature length movie, Necro-Mancing Dennis. This movie was produced by Babaloo Studios, a company that distributes gay oriented horror movies. Below is the synopsis of Necro-Mancing Dennis from Babaloo Studios.
"A straight wrestling coach finds himself smitten with one of his gay students. A student whose life may soon be in danger. Meanwhile a deranged cemetery worker is infatuated with someone of his own. Someone he can never have….alive! Their stories become entangled in this featurization of the short film “The Caretaker Of Cook County” Adult film sensation Grayson Lange stars with newcomer Daniel Jensen, in his first gay erotic scenes, on or off camera! Also starring Babaloo favorite Addison Graham and Harper Stevenson. This Mystery/Horror film is Written and Directed by Steven Vasquez."
Daniel plays wrestling twins (with matching tattoos?!) Tanner and Thomas.

Tanner gets killed in the opening scene by Garret (Addison Graham) fo…

Wrestler4Hire / Hero Hunks 2019 Awards

A few days ago Cameron emailed W4H customers about year end awards, I thought I'd just post mine here. It should come as no surprise that my W4H awards echo my year end awards.

Favorite Jobber: Ace Owens

Favorite Heel: Guido Genatto

Favorite Ring Match: Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steel vs Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin

Top Newcomer: Channing Travolta

Hottest Body: Scrappy

Favorite Big vs Small Match: Brute Baynard vs Dashing Dustin

Favorite Hero: Crimson Fury (Chace LaChance)

Sexiest Costume: Steel Man (Superman)

Hottest Hero Hunks Match: Silver Serpent vs Sidekick Scrappy

Zip Zarella & Cap Landon vs Austin Cooper (BGE, 2018)

Green leprechauns Zip and Cap face the red devil, Austin Cooper in this handicap match from BG East.

Zip and Cap pose confidently as they already know they're facing Austin by himself. They underestimate Austin's strength and wrestling know-how. Austin manhandles both of his opponents for most of the match.

Austin gets cocky and says he can take on both wrestlers at once but they make him suffer.

Does the green team pull off the win or does Austin assert his power? Considering the matches on this DVD, the result of the match isn't hard to predict. Nonetheless, this was a fun match with good chemistry and banter between the wrestlers.

Photo of the Day / A Rant

Honestly, I am feeling a bit low at the moment. I enjoy blogging but it would be nice to get some acknowledgment for my time and effort. The producers may not directly acknowledge me, but I know my influence has spread across the underground wrestling community.

If any producers have issues on how I cover the business, please contact me. I am very easy to find and open to communication.

Some other bloggers have made some veiled criticisms about me and I'll address them now. I am a straightforward person in real life and in blogging. I don't feel the need to write lengthy articles analyzing matches. I just share photos that I get off on, like the one below. If I can get off on a still photo of a match, I usually enjoy the video.

I don't make posts about matches I don't like, I think that's a waste of time and effort. Sometimes I think certain matches could be executed better but unless I feel strongly about it, I won't mention it.

Some people have questioned my…

Leglocks #3