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Hair Pulling #2

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Chase Lundquist vs Chad Daniels (88W, 2018)

Two hot blond models collide when Chase takes on Chad in this match from 88 Wrestling.

Both guys are taking selfies as the video begins. Chad thinks he has a better selfie game than Chase and challenges him to a posedown.

When the match begins Chase gets off to a quick start with strikes and stretches.

Chad is able to turn things around and crushes Chase with his big quads.

Eight minutes in and the sweat is pouring off Chad.

Chad's camel clutch was so effective, Chase had to use it himself.

Chase dominates the middle section of the match.

Chad is strong and resilient though.

Who takes the final victory selfie, Chad or Chase?

Studs In Sneakers #2

It's funny, my previous "studs in sneakers" post was one of the most hastily thrown together posts I've ever done. I was pleasantly surprised to see it get a good amount of views. I put a little more thought into this post, lets see if it's better.

Screencap Recap #13

Taylor Reign vs Travis Bennett (MBW, 2017)

Pretty boy Taylor takes the fight to cute Indy star Travis in this match from Muscleboy Wrestling.

Taylor is posing in the ring when Travis creeps in looking at Taylor with disdain. Travis thrusts his chest at Taylor but Taylor pushes back and then they lock up.

After a couple stalemates Travis offers Taylor a handshake only to punch him instead. Travis takes Taylor down with a headlock but Taylor is able to counter with a head scissor.

The momentum swings several times as Taylor and Travis counter each others moves.

 Taylor misses a corner charge and Travis capitalizes with a slam and frog splash to get the 3 count.

Travis claims victory but Taylor wants another shot at him. Taylor has Travis reeling for a short time.

In the end Travis is too crafty and skilled for Taylor and he loses again.