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Tanner Hill & Jake Mason bearhug each other (88Wrestling)

  Tanner Hill vs Jake Mason: Bearhug Hell (88W) Who has the stronger bearhug? Check out this match which is the current sale video at 88Wrestling.

Ryan Sparks is Down and Out - Upscaled to 4K (MBW)

I've posted about this match several times over the years but I've uploaded these images in 4K resolution, so here they are.   Ryan Sparks vs Bruno the Beast (Muscle Boy Wrestling, Catalog 6) A Note from W.R Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I haven't been feeling well but I'm better now. I have something lined up for the blog that I'm excited about, if it works out.

Cody Everett crabs Dash Decker (88Wrestling)

Cody Everett vs Dash Decker: Top Jock (88W) Cody Everett showcases his pro wrestling know-how and powerful upper body by applying the Boston Crab on Dash Decker. Does Cody prove that he's 88W's top jock? Check out this match which is currently on sale at 88Wrestling.

Josh Steel camels Jason Kane (Rock Hard Wrestling) - Mega Post

Over 5 years ago, I made a post featuring Jason Kane applying the Camel Clutch to Josh Steel . Now, Josh gets his revenge and applies the Camel Clutch to Jason. Josh Steel vs Jason Kane (Rock Hard Wrestling, Catalog 13) Josh - "Do you give up?" "Give it up. C'mon pretty boy." Jason - "OK, OK, I give." Josh - "Kiss my mat, kiss my mat."