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Dirty 'D' vs Dallas Washington (Weekend Wrestling)

 It's the battle of the dirty heels when D takes on Dallas at Weekend Wrestling. As the video begins, Dallas is practicing his stripping routine. Suddenly, D walks in and stops the music. Dallas wants D to leave but he's not going anywhere. Dallas tries to show D some of his dance moves but D clowns around. Suddenly, D turns around and decks Dallas with a clothesline. D then dominates Dallas for a little while. A quick low blow stops D in his tracks. When Dallas takes control, he makes D scream out in pain. By the time Dallas strips off his chaps, D looks done. Can Dallas finish the wily veteran off? Weekend Wrestling delivers another high energy match between two seasoned pros. Well done. 

Chris Cannon racks Taylor Reign (Muscle Boy Wrestling)

  Taylor Reign vs Chris Cannon (Muscle Boy Wrestling, Catalog 8) Muscle Boy wrestling has just released a new catalog today, Catalog 37. This inspired me to revisit one of my all-time favorite torture racks from Catalog 8. See my original review here.

Jay sleepers JC (Untamed Creations)

  This Is Too Easy - Starring Jay & JC Jay traps JC numerous times in the sleeper during this match. He even applies a dragon sleeper too. See my original review here.

Drew Harper ab stretches Max Ryder (W4H)

Drew Harper vs Max Ryder (Wrestler4Hire)

Lucas Payne pec claws & scissors Jake Jenkins (RHW)

  Lucas Payne vs Jake Jenkins (Rock Hard Wrestling, Catalog 8) Lucas Payne is yet another wrestler who had a short run but left a lasting impression. He brought good energy to all of his matches.  From a physique standpoint, Jake was at his his best in this match.  See my original review here.

Kirk Donahue's Face Down & Out (BG East)

  Kirk Donahue vs Guido Genatto - Demolition 18 (BG East) I really love this match. Perhaps I didn't put it over that strongly in my review , but I will now. If you're a fan of squash matches, this is as epic as it gets. I would also like to shout out the cameraman, who captured the action beautifully.