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Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy: Part 2 (AEW)

Chris Jericho had Orange Cassidy down and looked to deliver a Lionsault. Cassidy moved and folded up Jericho with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.

Orange took advantage with a series of forearms but Jericho stopped him and set up Cassidy for a suplex. Cassidy was able to spin out and nailed Jericho with a stunner.

 Cassidy seemed to have the momentum, hitting Jericho with a swinging DDT for another near fall. Cassidy looked to execute a Superman Punch but Jericho countered with the Judas elbow (back elbow). Even though Jericho only connected with Cassidy's shoulder, Cassidy sold it like a knockout blow and Jericho scored the pin. You can watch this clip here.
You'd think with a clean finish that this feud would be over, but it's not. Jericho and Cassidy clash again tonight on AEW Dynamite! Hopefully, Jericho will come up with a better finisher than the back elbow.

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy: Part 1 (AEW)

Jericho and Cassidy had their first one on one match on the July 8th episode of AEW Dynamite. We pick up with 4 minutes left in the match, Jericho has Cassidy trapped in the Boston Crab / Walls of Jericho. 
 Cassidy is able to turn over and roll Jericho into a cradle but Jericho kicks out. As Cassidy tries to pull himself up, Santana of the Inner Circle, throws Orange Juice in Cassidy's face. Referee Aubrey didn't actually see the act, even though the evidence is obvious, so she doesn't disqualify Jericho. The Best Friends run down the aisle and chase Santana and Ortiz away.
Jericho takes advantage of the blinded Cassidy and hits him with a Codebreaker for a near fall.
How much more can Cassidy take? Does Jericho beat him to a pulp or can Orange squeeze out the victory?

Jericho & The Inner Circle beat down Orange Cassidy & Best Friends

Chris Jericho pummels Orange Cassidy with one of the most ridiculous foreign objects ever, from the June 10th episode of AEW Dynamite.
Orange Cassidy and Best Friends were taking on Santana, Ortiz and Jake Hager from The Inner Circle. Orange Cassidy looked to be in trouble but he was able to squeak out a victory, pinning Ortiz with a spadle variation.The Inner Circle immediately attack Cassidy and Friends after the bell. Chris Jericho comes down from the commentary table and whacks Chuck and Trent in the gut with a baseball bat. Jericho then hits Cassidy in the head with the bat.Jericho goes under the ring and pulls out a giant bag of oranges. Tony Schiavone claims they're Blood Oranges but if you look at the bag, they're clearly Navel Oranges. Jericho hits Orange Cassidy in the head with the giant bag of oranges.
We get a nice close up of a dazed and bloody Cassidy. Jericho nails Cassidy with a couple more shots with the oranges before Ortiz and Jake Hager treat Orange Cassidy …

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