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Boots #5

The Singh Brothers dominate Oney Lorcan: A Recap & Video.

I'm sure viewers realize I have a weakness for old school babyfaces. As soon as I found out about Oney Lorcan wrestling in all white gear, I knew I had to cover this match.

On the February 14th episode of 205 Live, Oney & Danny Burch faced The Singh Brothers. Oney & Danny got off to a good start but a distraction enabled Samir Singh to knock Oney out of the ring.

Samir rolls Oney back into the ring and unloads with a barrage of punches.

Samir tags in his brother Sunil, who poses and gyrates over a dazed Oney.

Sunil snatches Oney in a long, grinding chinlock.

Oney is able to power out, but a knee to the gut stops his momentum.

Sunil tags in Samir and they double team Oney.

Samir cuts off Oney from getting to his corner with a front facelock. This is good old school wrestling strategy.

Oney tries to fight back but ends up in another chinlock.

Can Oney break out and make the tag? See the clip below.

Lifts, Slams and Suplexes #6

Screencap Recap #55

My song of the week is Here Comes the Flood performed live by Peter Gabriel. It's not about a literal flood, it's about a society who can no longer hide their intimate thoughts.

Here's Gabriel's explanation. "I had an apocalyptic dream in which the psychic barriers which normally prevent us from seeing into each others' thoughts had been completely eroded producing a mental flood. Those that had been used to having their innermost thoughts exposed would handle this torrent and those inclined to concealment would drown in it."

I think it's a beautiful song performed with sensitivity. See for yourself.