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Wrestlers in USA Gear

Bobby Horton vs Jonny Firestorm (BG East) Cody Everett vs Dash Decker (88W) 2-Fine Devine vs Bulldog Barzini (BG East)   Cam Zagucci vs Marco Thunder (W4H) Aaron's not a wrestler but he looks good in a USA speedo, in my opinion. Aaron Is Transformed (Film 911) I would guess Aaron is around 5'9", 160 lbs. In case anyone was wondering... I will likely cover the match below in the near future. Max Ryder vs Drew Harper (W4H) Here's to a happy and safe Independence Day for my US viewers.

Photo of the Day / Hero Hunks Sale

  Tsunami vs Crimson Fury: Hero Hunks (Wrestler4Hire) All Hero Hunks videos are 40% off for a few more hours. Sale ends midnight (US E.S.T.).

Random Post #7

  Matt vs Tyson (UCW) Elite Eliot vs Ace Owens (W4H) New Boys 2: Ferdi vs Daniel (UC) Demolition 6: Greg Michaels vs Josh Avery (BG East) Tanner Hill vs Bruce Ballard (RHW) Cap vs Cason: Custom Video Series 79 (Thunders) Jett Bentley vs Rex Bedford (88W) Cody Blayde vs Drew Harper (Weekend Wrestling) Herc vs St. Louis Heel (VVW) Aaron Is Transformed (Film 911)

Red Redemption vs JC Extreme (UKWH)

 Red Redemption is in over his head in his debut match for UKWrestlingHub. This capture is from my second and preferred edit. The original video WR's edit v.1 Red is in the ring stretching when JC enters. After a little back and forth trash talk, JC offers Red a couple free shots, but they turn out to be ineffectual. JC doubles over Red with a knee to the gut and then rams Red's head into a turnbuckle. JC slams Red and then stands on his throat. JC asks Red if he regrets stepping in the ring, but Red is defiant. JC tortures Red with a long headscissors and then adds a claw for more pain. JC offers Red one more chance to leave, but Red wants some more. Is it a decision Red will live to regret? This video is only 10 minutes but it's sold at half the price of a normal match, so it was definitely worth it to me. I liked the idea of seeing Red squashed and JC did a good job of dishing out the punishment. I also thought Red looked particularly cute in this gear.

Kirk Donahue vs Guido Genatto (BG East, 2014)

 Earnest babyface Kirk gets demolished in debut match vs. Guido. Guido is waiting in the ring as Kirk bounces in full of confidence. Kirk says he's here to wrestle but Guido says, "You're here to get fucked." A swift boot to the gut doubles Kirk over. Guido snaps Kirk to the mat and quickly locks in an armbar. Kirk wants Guido to "let go", so Guido transitions into a long grinding headlock. Kirk eventually taps out but his pain has just begun. Guido nearly scores a pin following a suplex, but Kirk foolishly rolls his shoulder. Just three minutes in and Kirk's helpless. Kirk crawls to a corner but Guido stands on his throat. After a long choke on the ropes, Guido snatches Kirk in a Full Nelson. Suddenly, Guido turns the nelson into a suplex and dumps Kirk hard on the back of his neck and shoulders. At this point, Kirk's done but there's still another 23 minutes of punishment ahead. Nasty heel Guido vs. vulnerable babyface Kirk proves to be a win