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Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews (88W, 2018)

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Ace Owens vs Ronnie Pearl (W4H, 2018)

Two seasoned Indy pros do battle in this match from Wrestler4Hire.

The match begins with some classic pro wrestling. Both guys go hold for hold in the opening minutes.

Ace missed a dropkick, giving Ronnie an opening to take advantage with an impressive delayed vertical suplex.

Ronnie locked a sleeper on the weakened Ace and he slowly faded into unconsciousness.

Ronnie wasn't satisfied and wanted to punish Ace some more so he had the referee wake him up. After a couple minutes of action, Ronnie locked Ace in nasty looking submission hold, stretching Ace in four directions. Ace refused to give up, but the pain was too much and he passed out again.

Ace was well and truly beaten, but sadistic heel Ronnie still continued to punish Ace for a few more minutes.

If you like seeing Ace take a beating, you'll love this match. For my taste, Ace never looked better and both guys played their parts well.

Ace took such a beating it wouldn't have surprised me to see him stretchered out.…

Down and Out #8

Big Bearhugs #3

Braden Charron stretches Pete Sharp: A Video (BGE)

Here's a short clip of this match from BG East.

Braden Charron vs Pete Sharp (BGE, 2014)

Two hot musclemen collide in this match from BG East

Initially it seems like it might be a friendly fight. The guys shake hands and Braden opens the ropes for Pete to step in. As Pete steps in, Braden attacks him. Braden proceeds to focus his attack on Pete's back.

Braden pauses beating up Pete to pose, allowing Pete to lock in a Full Nelson.

Braden breaks the hold with a low blow and starts posing again.

Pete traps Braden in a bearhug but another low blow stops him in his tracks.

It becomes apparent that Pete is the jobber here. Braden goes on to dominate the rest of the match.

Braden clearly enjoys his time on top.

I like Braden as a jobber, but I think he does a good job here carrying the action. In the end, pretty Pete is left broken while Braden flexes in victory.