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Screencap Recap #41

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Match of the Day #4: Finn Balor vs "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (WWE, 2019)

Classic babyface Finn Balor is demolished by the new face of fear in the WWE, "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

Finn is a veteran and has had a decorated career, but even he is intimidated a the prospect of locking up with the Fiend.

Finn's fear turns out to be justified as The Fiend has him reeling from a barrage of blows.

Finn evades a charge but is unable to capitalize because he's freaked out by The Fiend.

The Fiend takes down Finn and then violently twists Finn's neck.

The Fiend follows up with a huge Ura Nage Suplex/ Rock Bottom and teases a Sister Abagail.

Finn makes a brief comeback but his leap off the top rope is thwarted by a Mandible Claw.

Finn passes out within seconds and The Fiend scores an emphatic victory.

See this match in full below. I've cut off the pre and post match shenanigans so if you're looking for that, sorry. For a more detailed review of this match check out Wrestling Arsenal.

Jett Bentley vs Dash Decker (88W, 2019)

Jett Bentley and Dash Decker return to 88 Wrestling in this hard fought, sweat soaked match.

Like many 88W matches, the guys compare physiques and measure each others biceps to start the video. Once the match begins, Dash takes charge.

Jett is no pushover though, he takes the fight to Dash.

Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that I was very satisfied with the ending of this match. In my view, this is the hottest finish to an 88 Wrestling video so far.

Faces Of Pain #5

Brad Johnson in the E.R. (Film 911, 2019)

Hot muscleboy Brad Johnson agrees to a medical experiment for Dr. Smith and gets more than he bargained for in this 2 part video from Film 911.

After a brief check up and stress test, Dr. Smith tells Brad to inhale a new general anesthetic.

Dr. Smith is able to wake up Brad from the first test but after the second test Brad is unresponsive. Brad is intubated and given compressions.

Dr. Smith manages to get Brad's heart started but he's in a coma.

In scene 2, Brad is resting on the couch and complains of chest pain.

Dr. Smith administers compressions but Brad becomes increasingly distressed.

Brad is taken to the hospital but his condition deteriorates. Can Dr. Smith save Brad?

This is more of a straightforward medical fetish video and not as kinky or sexual as the other Film 911 videos I've reviewed. Some people might consider that a good thing.