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Studs in Sneakers #12

Carlton Loth Alexander Zverev Evan Anderson by Big Shot Photo Here's the Thing... Owen vs Max (UC)

Pinned #15

  Taylor Reign vs Justin Powers (MBW) Jett Bentley vs Nick Karras (88W) Nick Archer vs Christian Mann (BG East) Travis Maverick vs JBW (Weekend Wrestling)

Nick Collins vs Gunner Bayani (RHW, 2011)

 Lean, lanky boys do battle in this video from Rock Hard Wrestling. The boys circle each other as the video opens. Gunner tries to engage in some back and forth trash talk but Nick doesn't have much to say.  Gunner quickly doubles over Nick with a knee to the gut and dominates the early minutes. Gunner shows a bit of cocky swagger, delivering kicks in a style similar to The Rock. Gunner shows he's an experienced Indy pro, delivering a high elevation knee drop. Gunner goes to the well once too often and Nick takes over. A knee bar has Gunner crying out in pain. Nick shows off some amateur skills, pinning Gunner. Nick works over Gunner's arms. Gunner responds with some arm torture of his own. For me, the highlight of the match is long held armbar/chinlock applied to Nick. The final fall takes several twists and turns, the winner isn't apparent until the very end. Which lanky boy reigns supreme, Gunner or Nick?

Match of the Day: "Savvy" Sidney Scala vs King Kendo (2013)+

I've been busy lately, but I don't want to go dark, so here's a match I think people will enjoy. This match took place in Sid's rookie year of 2013. He faces the massive veteran King Kendo for Falling Starr Wrestling.    Babyface Sid acknowledges the crowd and slaps hands at ringside.    Sid got off to a fair start, throwing some kicks and applying a headlock.   It doesn't take long for Kendo to take control, he chokes Sid across the ropes and claws at his face. A side slam makes Sid cry out in pain. Sid manages to fight out of a trapezius claw but is flattened with a big clothesline. Sid screams out in pain as Kendo claws at his face again. Sid actually managed a short rally, taking down Kendo with a cross body block. Eventually, Kendo stopped Sid with a boot to the chest. A running splash in the corner, followed by a Vader bomb put Sid to rest. If you check out the comments on YouTube , you'll see praise from Kid Leopard himself.  At the moment, Sid is A