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Tanner Hill & Chase Lundquist vs Dash Decker & Brock Hartman (88W)

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Total Jobber: Ace Owens vs Lucky Larson (Can-Am)

Lean, ripped Lucky Larson is a total jobber in this match from Can-Am Wrestling.

Lucky is doing pushups when Ace walks in. Ace claims it's his locker room and demands Lucky stop and get out. Lucky says "fuck you", so Ace snatches Lucky in a sleeper.

Lucky squirms and flails his lanky body but he has no defense against Ace's attack.

Ace clearly enjoys dominating Lucky.

Lucky has one of the most unique looks in underground wrestling and his hot body looked great stretched out. Lucky's just a rookie wrestler and his performance reflects that, but if you like the idea of seeing Lucky dominated you should enjoy this match.

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My "break" lasted all of two days. I realized I really do enjoy blogging. Sometimes I get too consumed by it, so I'm going to be more mindful of that going forward.