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Screencap Recap #65

  Dax Carter vs Derek Bolt (MBW) Brute vs Cason: RW62 (Thunders) Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio Jr. My blog recently passed 666,000 views, to commemorate that milestone I've chosen Ave Satani by Jerry Goldsmith from The Omen (1976). Even though it's dark, I think it's uniquely beautiful. Goldsmith won the Oscar for Best Original Score for The Omen. Even though I enjoyed the soundtrack, I would've chosen Taxi Driver by Bernard Hermann or Rocky by Bill Conti, personally.

Full Nelson #5

Crimson Fury vs Tsunami (Hero Hunks) Aaron Lopez vs Sean Maygers (MBW) Josh Steel vs Alex Waters (RHW) Brute Baynard vs Dashing Dustin (W4H) Lockdown: Felix vs Jett (UC)

Stretched #3

Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves (RHW)   Demolition 18: Simon vs Errol (UC) TAK vs Dirty Daddy (Thunders) Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan (88W) Taylor Reign vs Dante (MBW)

Match of the Day #11: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Dean Malenko (WCW)

Rey and Dean show they're pioneers in the modern style of wrestling in this WCW Cruiserweight Title match from Halloween Havoc 1996. We pick up with 4 minutes left in the match. Dean's dominated Rey for most of the match but Rey shows his resilience by making several comebacks. Dean whips Rey into the ropes but Rey's able to counter into a flip dive or Tope Con Hilo, as Excalibur would say.   Rey doesn't have the energy to cover Dean and slumps on the ropes. Suddenly, Rey wraps up Dean in a rolling cradle for a near fall. Dean grabs Rey in a waistlock but Rey flips Dean onto his back and bridges into a pin. Dean kicks out. Dean flattens Rey with a clothesline and delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Is that a clothesline or facepalm? Rey knocks Dean to the outside and connects with a corkscrew moonsault. Rey attempts a springboard huracanrana but Dean counters into a powerbomb. Is Rey finished or can he rise to victory? See the video below.

Cason vs Brute: RW62 (Thunders)

Muscleboy Cason faces tough, seasoned pro Brute in one of his earliest matches at Thunders Arena. Cason's confident as he sizes up Brute. Brute doesn't waste any time locking up. He doubles over Cason with a boot to the gut and proceeds to stretch Cason for several minutes. Check out Cason's trunks. Is he enjoying his punishment? Cason gets tangled up in the ropes and it seems like the end is near. I really loved the shots here, you can't get much more intimate than this. Suddenly, Cason gets a burst of energy and hoists up Brute in a series of bearhugs. Can the rookie pull off an upset? Personally, I would've preferred to see Cason get off to a strong start and then get demolished at the end. That said, I haven't seen anyone else dominate Cason so convincingly, so that's enough to make this match worthwhile for me.