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Sidekick Scrappy vs Black Bandit (HH, 2018)

H.H. stands for Hero Hunks, an offshoot of Wrestler4Hire. In this match Sidekick Scrappy is squashed from start to finish by Black Bandit (Braden Charron).

The video opens with Scrappy bound and knocked out.

Scrappy wakes up but is attacked immediately by Black Bandit. Bandit establishes himself as the heel by clawing at Scrappy's pecs and follows up with a low blow.

Bandit revels in cutting off Scrappy's air supply, but he stops before Scrappy passes out.

Scrappy is totally defenseless against Bandit's attack.

It seems like Scrappy actually enjoys his punishment.

Bandit gassed Scrappy, leaving him knocked out and at the mercy of Bandit and his cronies.

This was a fun squash, Braden really enjoyed playing the heel and Scrappy again showed that he's one of the best sellers of pain. There's a 20% off sale on all the Wrestler4Hire sites until Dec. 22.


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