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Cameron vs Graham Varnett (W4H, 2018)

Cameron totally crushes lanky boy Graham in this video from Wrestler4Hire.

It's obvious from the product description at Wrestler4Hire, that Cameron couldn't wait to get his hands on Graham. I can't blame him, he looks like a perfect jobber. After a little stretching, Graham obediently lays down and lets Cameron stomp his gut.

It only takes a couple minutes for Cameron to start racking up the submissions.

The referee tries to scold Cameron for being too rough but ultimately joins in the action.

Cameron could finish off Graham whenever he wants, but he likes making the rookie suffer.

Both Joe at Ringside and Alex at The Cave reviewed and enjoyed the match. It would've been nice if Graham had a little more wrestling know-how, but as a jobber he's as cute and vulnerable as they come. Cameron clearly loves being the dominant heel. There is a sale on all Wrestler4Hire videos through May 30, 2020.


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