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Rookie Wrecker: Cameron Matthews vs Max Ryder (Can-Am, 2020)

Max isn't necessarily a rookie but Cameron certainly wrecks him in this video from Can-Am. 

As the video opens, Cameron goes to present Max with his paycheck but hesitates. 


Cameron decides to challenge Max. If Max can beat him, he'll double his paycheck. Max agrees but only if he triples his paycheck.

Cam and Max wrestle in their running shorts for the first few minutes.

Max's boots keep getting united, annoying Cameron. Cameron decides to strip off his shorts in Max's face.

Max takes off his shorts and they resume wrestling. Cameron likes folding up Max and showing off his assets.

When Cameron's boot comes untied, he takes the opportunity to take them off. A certain passage from the Fleetwood Mac song Sara ran through my head as I saw this.

Cameron stuffs a sock down his trunks and then puts it in Max's mouth.

Given that the video is 43 minutes long, it's hard to sum it up with a few photos. I'll just say that Max puts up a decent fight but it's clear he's not in Cameron's league.


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